The Structure

Tents at the Scout Campsite Westernohe
Photo: Ralf Adloff | DPSG

25 diocesan associations, 1 400 local groups

The DPSG is divided into 25 diocesan associations (according to the number of dioceses of the Catholic Church in Germany) with 137 districts and approximately 1,400 local groups. The registered office of the federal association is at the DPSG’s headquarters in Neuss-Holzheim. But the true home is the National Campsite at Westernohe in the Westerwald forest. It extends over an area of 28 hectares and offers a lot of space and direct contact with nature. The National Campsite is an official SCENES Centre, i.e. a Scout centre committed to sustainability. Material for scouting activities is provided by the DPSG owned Rüsthaus ( which focuses on sustainable products both for outdoor equipment and general items (e.g. uniform shirts made of fair-trade organic cotton).

Chief Commissioners

The DPSG is led by a female Chief Commissioner (Anna Sauer since 2017), a male Chief Commissioner (Joschka Hench since 2018) and the National Chaplain (Matthias Feldmann since 2018). They are elected by the National Assembly for a period of 3 years. The National Assembly gathers once a year and is the most important political body of the DPSG. The National Board consists of the Chief Commissioners, the National Chaplain, the representatives of the four age sections as well as the special sections. It is responsible for political and educational matters.


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