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Scouts party on World Scout Jamboree 2007
Photo: Franz-Georg Wand | DPSG

The DPSG is a member of the national federation Ring deutscher Pfadfinderverbände (RdP) which in turn is a member of WOSM (World Organization of the Scout Movement) founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell. The international activities of the DPSG reflect its claim that Scouts are friends of all people and work towards peace. Once a year the DPSG members, together with the members of the other German Scout associations, demonstrate their support for peace all over the world by distributing the Light of Peace from Bethlehem. Furthermore, the DPSG as a catholic scouting organisation is member of the ICCS (International Conference of Catholic Scouting) which is recognised by the Holy See as an international catholic organisation. The DPSG considers itself to be an association within the Church and aims to provide its members with spiritual guidance on a day-to-day basis.


The international department, being regarded as a sort of "Ministry of Foreign Affairs", is led by the International Commissioner, supported by the further volunteers of the International Commission (IAK) and by a full-time member of staff at the DPSG’s headquarters.

Martina  Weichelt
International Department
Martina Weichelt
+49 (0) 2131-4699-88

International Commissioner

The International Commissioner is the primary point of contact for the DPSG's international relations. (According to the association's rules, up to two people can be appointed to this role). He represents the association abroad, takes part in international conferences and presides over bilateral contacts between national scout organisations (NSOs). This is an unpaid voluntary post which has been held by Paul Klahre.

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